Toto Drake CST744S Two Piece Elongated Toilet Review

Toto, the best known company in making plumbing products, is the maker of the new toilet model – Toto Drake CST744S which many users have named one of the best toilets you can buy.

Toto has over 90 years of experience in making high quality products for residential bathrooms and commercial restrooms.

Toto Drake CST744S reviewThe Toto company’s experience drives them to provide customers with products that are of high and excellent quality.


CST744S is a combination of bowl and an ST743S-01 tank.

What make the it different from other similar products are its unique features which are the elongated front bowl and tank seat. It features a chrome trip level and a G-Max flushing system which provides a powerful yet quiet and precise siphon jet flushing for easier flushing.

It has a simple and easy to repair technology because it is a gravity toilet. Industry experts have also said that the Toto CST744S is a great choice for homes with low water pressure.

Drake CST744S consumers 1.6 gallons of water every flush like most modern toilets. This is 45 percent less than the water that toilets in the 1980s consume.

Toto CST744S is a two-piece toilet with a right hand trip lever. It has a high profile and contemporary design which makes it a great addition to any bathroom.

It also features a computer designed fully glazed trapway to make it even more convenient to use.

The toilet is 2-1/8 inches wide and has been installed with new 3-inch wide flush valve that are more effective than the standard 2-inch flush valves.

Models and Colors

Toto Drake CST744 is available in these colors:

  • Bone (model CST744S-03)
  • Colonial White (model CST744S-11)
  • Cotton White (model CST744S-01)
  • Ebony (model CST744S-51)
  • Sedona Beige (model CST744S-12)


There are various accessories that you can use with this toilet seat including connector seats, seat covers, flush plates and flush actuators. I have reviewed couple of compatible toilet seats like Toto Washlet S300 and Brondell Swash 1000.

These come at a competitive price so you should consider getting these along with your new Drake CST74S. If you are looking for an excellent and reliable toilet that has a stylish design, the new Toto Drake CST744S is for you.