Best Shower Heads On The Market 2019 – Reviews and Comparisons

For many people, the bathroom is one part of the house that is well-invested.

It consists of carefully-selected items that will allow one to enjoy a private space that can be a source of relaxation.

Among others, the shower head is among the items inside the bathroom that deserves careful evaluation and selection.

If you are on the lookout for a new showerhead, you can expect that things can turn out to be quite challenging. The main reason for such is that there are many available options, making it hard to end up with a good decision.

Best shower heads 2019 are excellent not only in terms of visual appeal, but also with regards to their functionality. There are showerheads with excellent pressure, maximum body coverage, circular spray, massage functionality, and traditional spray, among others.

From the very start, it is important to be clear with what exactly you want to narrow down the choices that are available.

More so, you also need to consider the durability of shower heads, so that they can provide best value for money. They should also be within your allotted budget. Many are also looking for those that are easy to install and maintain.

Best Rain Shower Heads

If you decide to use the best rain shower heads, one thing that you should keep in mind is that it needs assembly. The good thing is that many of the models within this category are a snap to install and comes with comprehensive instructions for you to not miss any single step in mounting such in the bathroom.

One of the best brands within this product category is Culligan. One thing that has been liked by many users of such is that it is designed with excellent filtration system that makes sure that the water is clean. It allows the reduction of the amount of chlorine and sulfur odor.

AKDY Rain Shower HeadMore so, another brand that can be taken into account is Moen. Their shower head is a prominent option because of its superior water pressure, which can be adjusted depending on individual preferences. It comes with seven different settings, giving you the flexibility to choose the water pressure.

Lastly, you might also want to consider the shower head from Waterpik. The OptiFlow technology, an innovative feature of thus shower, has been lauded in many customer reports. This makes it possible to deliver the maximum power that is possible, even in spite of low pressure.

Best Hand-held Shower Heads

Many of the best hand-held showers that are available in the market today are equipped with an ergonomic handle. This is an important feature that you should look for in the evaluation of your possible choices because it will give you an assurance that the shower head will be convenient to use.

Moen 23015 Multi-Function Hand Shower PackageOne model within this group has a three-way diverter, making it a versatile option. Because of this, you can choose if you want it to be used as      a shower head, hand shower, or both, depending on how you feel like once you are inside the bathroom.

If you are looking for efficiency, there is also a right choice for you. You can consider the model for Oxygenics, which is known for many people because of its efficiency. By using such, users have reported that they have enjoyed as much as 30% reduction in energy and water used.

Many of the available models within this group are also free from maintenance, which makes it possible to make it functional for a longer period of time. There are models that are equipped with clog-free nozzles, making sure of their dependability all the time.

Best Speakman Shower Heads

Among other brands, Speakman is one of the names that stand out for people who are on the lookout for the perfect showerheads. There are different models that are offered by the said manufacturer each promising to deliver superior quality and reliability.

One of their models is the S-2252. It is designed with 48 spray channels and with a spray adjustment handle, offering its users with the ability to choose the pressure that is preferred. This model also has a solid construction and intelligent design, making excellent when durability is taken into account.

The S-2251, on the other hand, is designed with 64 spray channels that can also be adjusted based on the desired settings. It is available in different types of finishes. You can choose the finish that will best match the interior of your bathrooms, or that will complement other fixtures such as faucet.

Speakman S-2005-HBThe Speakman S-2005-HB is another good option. Aside from the 50 full-body sprays, this showerhead also has 8 pulsating massage jets at the center, making it perfect after a day’s work. This showerhead will provide you with the relaxation that is needed to end the day, or the energy to begin a new one.

Best Kohler Shower Heads

The Kohler K-17493-CP is one of the showerheads that can also be taken into account. It has a sleek and elegant design, which is the perfect choice for bathrooms with smaller size. It also enjoys the benefit of ease of operations. It has a handle that can resist slipping, even if you have soap in your hand.

The geometric design of the Kohler K-17492-CP makes it a good addition to contemporary bathrooms. It is equipped with Flipstream technology, which is common for the showerheads made by Kohler. Because of this innovation, it is able to change modes of its operation in an easier manner.

KOHLER K-10391-AK-CPYou might also want to give consideration to the K-10391-AK. This Kohler showerhead has a one-of-a-kind nozzle design that makes sure of the sufficient supply and pressure of water, without putting it into waste. In addition, it also has the trademarked MasterClean Sprayface, which aids in the prevention of build-up and clogging.

Lastly, the Kohler K-965-CP has 72 individual sprays that will provide you with the assurance of its wider coverage. It has a contemporary design as well, making it look elegant for nay bathroom. Lastly, like many other showerheads from the said manufacturer, it is easy to maintain and can remain functional for a long duration of time.

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